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Cultivate not only provides courses, conferences, workshops and seminars in sustainability but innovates in the way education is provided. We focus on outcomes and actions while applying a methodology that is both holistic and collaborative. Ultimately this means that we take an integrated approach and respond to the feedback of course participants. We place a high priority on the 'praxis' model meaning that theory and action are inseparable elements of education and that only learning that becomes integrated in lifestyle choices is capable of producing real change in society.

Booking line: 01 674 5773

Concessions apply to most Cultivate events for Cultivate members, students, OAPs, unwaged, staff and volunteers from community groups, NGOs, voluntary and civil society organisations.

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Title Author Hits
Embodied Presence and Theory U 7605
Open To Grace - Anusara Influenced Hatha Yoga with Frank Brooks 7540
Art of Living Part 1 Course 7521
A Green New Deal: Ireland in Transition 7516
Dublin Culture Night - Cultivate Open Late 7476
Creative Mathematics for Teachers 7469
Creative Mathematics 7362
The Art of Facilitation Written by Devyn Olson Sawyer 7320
All You Need to Know about Climate Change 7301
Fashion Evolution 7290
3-Year Schools for Resilience Comenius Project 7250
Puppets and Waste: An art workshop for 10 to 15 year olds 7244
Flow with Grace, Power and Ease with Mari Kennedy 7239
Green eBusiness & Social Media 7203
Mandala Painting Workshops 7198
DIY Solar Thermal Workshop 7174
Author Fred Pearce: "Water- the defining crisis of the 21st Century. How should we respond?" 7113
A Celebration of Water with Dolores Whelan and Friends 7112
Green Business Marketing - Course 7046
Learn to Lucid Dream 7041
Art of Breathing Course - To Live Without Stress 7030
Relieving Stress with Acupuncture - Maria Maher 7019
Art of Living Part 1 Course 6998
Tribal Bellydance Basics with Ronelle & Tatiana 6957
Tribal Bellydance Basics with Ronelle Tibaldi 6870
CreativPower with Dorothea Burger 6865
Lunchtime Seminar on Carbon Taxing 6822
Summer in the City 2 - Basic Tango Course 6814
Argentine Tango with Julian & Kristina 6782
How can leadership transform to meet the challenges of our times? 6781
Intro Talk to The Art of Living 6774
Rethinking Education 6770
Flamenco with Joyce Richardson and Aires Flamencos 6761
Chakra Dance Active Meditation with Richard Stone 6718
Kick-Start on 7th Feb 6700
The Age of Stupid Screening 6657
Cooperatives Event June 5th 2015 Written by Ben Whelan 6635
Personal Resilience & Integral Life Practice 6623
Sanskrit Chanting with Richard Stone 6597
Art of Living Part 1 Course 6592
Art of Living Part 1 Course 6586
Emotional Freedom Technique with Dr. Anthony Sharkey 6569
Art of Living Part 1 Course 6548
Chakra Dance Active Meditation with Richard Stone 6527
Yoga & Journey Dance with Mari Kennedy 6515
Synergy Dance with Danielle 6513
Sacred Geometry Workshop 6501
Hatha Yoga Mondays 6501
Yoga Evening 6478