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Cultivate not only provides courses, conferences, workshops and seminars in sustainability but innovates in the way education is provided. We focus on outcomes and actions while applying a methodology that is both holistic and collaborative. Ultimately this means that we take an integrated approach and respond to the feedback of course participants. We place a high priority on the 'praxis' model meaning that theory and action are inseparable elements of education and that only learning that becomes integrated in lifestyle choices is capable of producing real change in society.

Booking line: 01 674 5773

Concessions apply to most Cultivate events for Cultivate members, students, OAPs, unwaged, staff and volunteers from community groups, NGOs, voluntary and civil society organisations.

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'Find Yourself to Find Your Partner' with Margaret Gray 4689
Shamanic Yoga Dance & Creativity with Marie Angeline 4680
Homeopathy in an Energetic World with Karl Moore, PhD 4675
Movement with Nature with Claire Osborne 4673
Tribal Bellydance Basics with Ronelle & Tatiana 4670
The Complete Homeopathic Guide... with Aisling Murray 4656
TANTRA ? A Timeless Tradition of Spiritual Transformation 4650
Partner Yoga ? Hatha Yoga for Couples (with Marc & Hannah) 4647
Chakra Dance Active Meditation with Richard Stone 4642
Somatic Yoga & Movement with Paola 4606
Somatic Yoga & Movement with Paola 4601
Baby Yoga with Marcella 4584
Kirtan Singing with Tim McEvitt 4565
5Rhythms with Jenny 4560
Salsa with Vitor (Brazil) 4538
Shamanism & Dance with Marie-Angeline 4529
Shamanism & Dance with Marie-Angeline 4496
Synergy Dance with Danielle 4487
Swine flu, bird flu, any flu - and their treatment by homeopathy with Rhóda Uí Chonaire 4479
A Journey from Plant to Potency to Homeopathic Prescription 4478
Opening with Tsalagi, a Native American Dance 4468
Hatha Yoga - Dynamising and Harmonising the Power Centres 4456
Relaxation Therapy - Visualization in Meditation with Tim McEvitt 4455
Tribaret BellyDance with Veronica 4443
Way of the Gypsy ? Skirt Work w/ Ronelle & Tatiana 4438
Climate Safety Written by Ben Whelan 4427
The Inner Journey: Meditation and Self-Discovery with Shane Magee 4426
American Tribal Style Bellydance with Laura Dunne 4419
Rise Up May 2016 Written by Ben Whelan 4416
Sanskrit Chanting with Richard Stone 4415
Mantra Meditation with Praghosa 4415
Charleston & Swing (Lindy Hop) with Jessica 4413
Making Peace with the Now with Maya Ben-Harosh 4406
Feeding Ourselves Conference (SOLD OUT) Written by aaron 4401
Relaxation Therapy - Visualization in Meditation with Tim McEvitt 4392
Opening followed by Tsalagi with Marie-Angeline 4390
Kundalini Yoga for Healing with Maggie 4350
Flamenco with Joyce 4334
Opening with Marie-Angeline and Sinéad 4334
Kirtan Singing with the Natural Mystic Orchestra 4333
Be the Hero in the Movie of your Life with Sheila De Butler 4314
Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine 4313
The Mastery of Love With Sheila De Butiler 4250
Schools for Resilience Transition Year project 4231
Lighten-Up Playshop with Mari Kennedy 4180
Full Circle Written by Ben Whelan 4162
A Life of Joy: Practical Understanding of the Law of Attraction with Maya Ben-Harosh 4113
Chanting Workshop with Richard Stone 4071
Alexander Technique with Fiona Cranwell 3908
POSTPONED The Growery, Birr: Permaculture Design Course Written by Ben Whelan 3444