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Cultivate not only provides courses, conferences, workshops and seminars in sustainability but innovates in the way education is provided. We focus on outcomes and actions while applying a methodology that is both holistic and collaborative. Ultimately this means that we take an integrated approach and respond to the feedback of course participants. We place a high priority on the 'praxis' model meaning that theory and action are inseparable elements of education and that only learning that becomes integrated in lifestyle choices is capable of producing real change in society.

Booking line: 01 674 5773

Concessions apply to most Cultivate events for Cultivate members, students, OAPs, unwaged, staff and volunteers from community groups, NGOs, voluntary and civil society organisations.

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The Mastery of Love With Sheila Babikian 4477
Falling in Love as a Spiritual Method with Anthea 4453
Tai Chi, Chi Kung & Meditation with Heather Darling 4445
Tai Chi with Seán Aylward 4428
Mandala Painting Workshop 4427
Kundalini Yoga with Jai Ram 4411
Opening the space of the heart with Lou Horgan 4395
Chakra Meditation with Veronica Coughlan 4387
How Does a Community Find and Tell Its Story? 4376
Hatha Yoga - Dynamising the Power Centres with Marc Allen 4368
Cultivate Your Greatness! Anusara Yoga with Tahnee 4361
Amatsu with Rebekka 4349
Yoga Philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita with Manu Das 4347
Permaculture Design – the fusion of old skills and new technology 4318
Seaweed Workshop 4306
Dancing the Rainbow with Maria Hayden 4295
The influence of vaccinations, chemicals, etc... with Veronika Rousalova 4289
Angels in the Eastern and Yoga Traditions with Syamananda Das Brahmacari 4272
Synergy Yoga/Dance with Danielle Vierling 4269
Biodanza with Gillian Gavin 4255
Cultivating Liveable Communities In Tipperary 4247
Shamanic Yoga Dance with Marie-Angeline Lascaux 4234
Locks and Pops - Tribal Fusion Dance with Tatty Franey 4225
Kirtan Singing with Tim McEvitt 4215
Summer in the City - A Basic Tango Course 4208
Finding your True Vocation in the Midst of Worldwide Change with Margaret Gray 4176
Yoga with Tom Butler 4176
Qi Kong Stick Movements with Anne O'Loughlin-Finucane 4161
Indian Classical Dance with Sonja 4156
Laughter Yoga with Nikos Frangi & Eleni Anats 4152
Aura Soma with Marie Angeline 4133
Arriving at Your Own Door - Life Coaching with Mari Kennedy 4128
Living Well in Health and in Illness with Paola Catizone and Fidelma Farley 4123
Kirtan Singing with Richard Stone 4117
Yoga Philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita with Ananda Hari Das 4114
Alexander Technique with Fiona Cranwell 4113
Synergy Yoga with Danielle Vierling 4111
Acupuncture & Chinese Deep Tissue Massage (Tuina) with Maria Maher 4103
Tantra Presentation - The Ecstatic Dance of Energies 4094
Tango with Natalya and Georgina 4080
Inner Bliss Programmes for Well Being with Mary Callaghan 4078
Chakra Activation and Auric Cleansing with Paul Stang 4072
Dynamic Flow Yoga with Deirdre Murphy 4061
Back Strengthening Yoga with Kerstin Mueller 4051
SunDance with Edel 4050
Hatha Yoga - Dynamising and Harmonising the Power Centres 4030
Kundalini Yoga to Detox and Destress with Jai Ram 4030
Shamanic Yoga Dance & Creativity with Marie Angeline 4029
5Rhythms with Ben Townsend 4021
Healing Yoga with Marie Angeline Lascaux 4016