Background, Stakeholders, Green Works & Supporters

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Established in the year 2000, Convergence is Ireland’s longest running sustainable living festival. For more than a decade this unique programme of events has celebrated community resilience and social inclusion whilst championing the changes needed to create a sustainable economy, society and built environment.

These ideas were obviously not heeded during the wanton recklessness of the boom years, but the resulting downturn has brought the need for systemic change into sharp focus for most people. It is important to point out that there is still time for Ireland to forge a path towards a brighter, greener, more sustainable future. Convergence 16 focuses on the huge potential in this country for developing green jobs and resilient communities. These two exciting areas of opportunity are absolutely key to any plans to reinvigorate this country.

From its beginnings in Dublin’s Temple Bar at the Cultivate Centre, Convergence has grown into a nationwide festival showing the appetite for sustainable solutions to our problems. Join us for workshops, forums, films, and celebrations and find out how you can get involved in shaping the future of your local economy, your community, and your country.


The Convergence Festival brings together a wide variety of stakeholders, from across Ireland, with interests in environment, community and sustainable development.  It is the aim of the festival to promote collaboration with funders, partner organisations and other stakeholders so that we can work together and progress our common goals.

Groups involved in the organisation and delivery of this year's events include: Tipperary Institute, RealEyes Sustainability Ltd., Dublin Community Growers, Dublin Cycling Campaign, Transition Ireland and Northern Ireland, Woodrow Sustainable Solutions, Glas Learning, Future Proof Kilkenny, SysPro; Systems for Progress Limited, ECO-UNESCO, FEASTA the Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability, the Cleantech Network, Sustainable Projects Ireland Ltd., Sustainable Tourism Ireland, Cloughjordan Community Farm, Green Limerick, Carnegie Trust UK, the Change Exploratory, Future Orchards CSA, Cork City Community Forum, the Nenagh Rail Partnership and Enterprise Actions Ltd. 

Green Works

This year’s festival is all about getting people involved and back to work and now, thanks to the Green Works programme, many of our workshops will be delivered FREE To JOBSEEKERS. Green Works is a nationwide education programme focused on upskilling jobseekers for the growing opportunities within Ireland's Green Economy. Since the prgramme began last November more than 2,000 students have passed through Green Works’ many doors on their way to a greener future.


Environmental Protection Agency, Comhar: the National Sustainable Development Council, Department of Environment, Community and Local Government and Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.