The Green eBusiness Seminar

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outdoor-office.jpgMonday 24th January 2011 | 10am to 4pm | €Free | The Greenhouse, 17 St Andrew St, Dublin 2 | Map

eBusiness? What has that to do with the Green Economy? Well, everything...

In the last two decades eBusiness in general and the Internet in particular has revolutionised how business is done. As the green economy continues to evolve eBusiness will become more and more important in every aspect of commerce. The green economy will also present new opportunities to those who understand eBusiness as new ways of communicating and networking and of marketing, selling and distributing of green services and products will be required.

Participants will learn how eBusiness has evolved and how it will be a part of a sustainable future through a mix of video presentation and discussion. This one day seminar is an introduction to the Green Work's course, Green eBusiness: ICT and eCommerce in the Green Economy.